At Westcloud, our most valued asset is our people.

The responsibility to keep project teams safe, as well as our construction partners and the public, is something we take very seriously and is our top priority. We are firm in our commitment that everyone returns safely home to their family and friends at the end of the day.

Knowledge is Key

It all begins with awareness. All employees attend an in-house safety training that is taught by a certified safety instructor. The training covers Westcloud’s Accident Prevention Program, safety culture and guidelines on best practices for safe work habits.

Empowerment Knows No Titles

Safety revolves around personal responsibility, and that is why Westcloud’s leadership empowers every employee to take ownership of it. Not just of their personal safety, but the safety of those around them as well. Our employees are empowered to take immediate action if they see anyone or anything that causes concern.

Where It Matters Most

Construction by its very nature is risky business. Westcloud takes every measure to minimize those risks by conducting Site Specific Safety Orientations on every job. The mandatory orientations are attended by anyone working on the site and cover everything from job-specific hazards to site emergency and fall protection plans. Weekly safety meetings and safety inspections are also the status quo.

Everyone Goes Home

Safety awareness is a never-ending endeavor. Which is why Westcloud offers on-going safety training and education to our employees and construction partners. Our strong relationships with industry safety professionals allow us to stay on top of best and new practices in order to maintain a strong safety environment. By keeping safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind and continuously looking for areas of improvement, we are able to promote a safety culture that allows everyone to return home in the same healthy condition as they arrived.